Hyde Square

project description

Hyde Square is a stunning 618 unit contemporary community in Bellevue, WA, designed for tech-savvy professionals with outdoor interests.

Carmel Partners had Scott Coatings as the interior and exterior painter on this project. This project is comprised of four residential buildings and two amenity buildings with more than 75,000 sq ft property. This was the first project that Scott Coatings did with Carmel Partners who is an out-of-state developer. Scott Coatings did all of the interior and exterior painting on this project. The interesting part of this project was the interior painting aspect due to weather conditions being cold and snowy at times.

Overall the project was a huge success and one of Scott Coatings’ biggest projects at the time. Looking forward to more projects like this in the future!


Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Wallcovering, Intumescent Fireproofing



Project Team

Matt Scott

Matt Scott

Business Development

Seattle, WA

Matt joined the family company back in July of 2012 as an Estimator and now as Business Development Manager. He has his Business degree from Central Washington University. Matt’s experience includes a total of 10 years of field painting and 6 years in the US Navy. He has a strong belief and conviction in the value and goal we seek to accomplish at Scott Coatings and enjoys the fun atmosphere and culture as well. Outside of Scott Coatings Matt enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and going to his family cabin on Henry Island.

  • Random Fact: He was part of the capture and holding of 13 pirates.
  • Bucket list: Climb Mt. Rainer.
Jessica Hoppe

Jessica Hoppe

Project Manager

Seattle, WA

Jessica joined Scott Coatings in April of 2015 as a Project Manager––overseeing the painting scope, team support and the constant contact with our customers. She loves the ability to learn and grow with a group of like-minded and goaled individuals in turn has allowed for her to exceed on her on capabilities consistently. Outside of Scott Coatings, Jessica is a dedicated mother to one amazing little boy, Austin, and enjoys camping, traveling, and exercising.

  • Random Fact: She has never broken a bone.
  • Bucket list: Travel to every continent.