Amtrak Locomotive Service

project description

Amtrak Locomotive Service Facility was built with the goal of not needing to send their trains to be repaired in Oakland, CA. The new facility was constructed on top of 178 steel-driven pipe piles at a depth of 180 feet below-grade and heavily reinforced structural concrete-grade beams were constructed to tie the pile foundations together, supporting the new pre-engineered metal building. (That was a mouthful)

PCL Construction named Scott Coatings as the painter on this industrial project. Our relationship with PCL is great and ongoing. We were tasked with painting the structural steel, work platforms, work pits, using epoxy and urethane paints. We also painted the railing safety yellow as well as the tie down rail clips. Access to the steel was a big part in problem solving for this project as well as encapsulating the overspray from getting onto cars and anything near the area.

Project was a great success with PCL where it was given the award of merit by ENR.


Industrial steel painting, high performance coatings



Project Team

Jessica Hoppe

Jessica Hoppe

Project Manager

Seattle, WA

Jessica joined Scott Coatings in April of 2015 as a Project Manager––overseeing the painting scope, team support and the constant contact with our customers. She loves the ability to learn and grow with a group of like-minded and goaled individuals in turn has allowed for her to exceed on her on capabilities consistently. Outside of Scott Coatings, Jessica is a dedicated mother to one amazing little boy, Austin, and enjoys camping, traveling, and exercising.

  • Random Fact: She has never broken a bone.
  • Bucket list: Travel to every continent.