Janell Kallander

Marketing / Accounting

Janell joined Scott Coatings in 2016 in the Marketing and Accounting departments.  Originally from Alaska, Janell spent her younger years either catching wild salmon from the Copper River on her father’s commercial fishing boat, or wandering around with her family in the backwoods of Cordova, Alaska.  She still loves to be outside more than anything else, especially now that she has two kids of her own to take on adventures here in the great PNW.  She views her journey as a single mom as one of the most difficult, yet rewarding things she has been able to do.  She also does photography and videography in her spare time, as well as singing and playing the guitar with her band whenever she has a chance.

More about Janell:

Random Fact:  There is no other music that makes me happier than 1940’s jazz.

Favorite thing about working at Scott Coatings:  The people here are incredible.  We work hard, we have each others backs, but we genuinely enjoy each other as well.  It’s a great environment to be a part of.

Bucket List:  Follow in my mothers footsteps and get my private pilot’s license.